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What is a Consilio/Counselor

Counselor is a person who gives advice about different problems and often suggests solutions. A counselor must posses a caring and positive attitude; he must have a flexible nature and should be available for multiple sessions.

The job of a counselor is to guide, advise, propose, consult and help with the nearly unlimited variety of concerns that students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community may have. People in counseling are humble and tolerant. A counselor is likely to facilitate his client with solutions. He understands his client's needs and personality type and then deals accordingly.

School Counseling:

The evolution of School counseling comes from the influential writings of Carl Rogers on Humanism. National defense act 1950s called for professionals to promote training in the sciences and provided school funds for counselor training.

School counseling became very successful and useful as the time passed. The main focus of it was to:

* Help students to understand the world around them more wisely.
* Assist students in meeting their high school graduation requirements to achieve their goal.

School counselors at all stages assist students to understand and deal with social, behavioral and individual problems. They emphasize on preventive and progressive counseling in order to increase students academics growth. The services of school counseling are not limited to advising, but they also provide alcohol and drug preventions. There are three types of school counselors:

Vocational counselors: They provide career counseling outside the school. They help students in choosing better careers.

Rehabilitation counselors: They deal with people having physical or emotional disabilities.

Mental health counselors: they deal with families, group of people having mental disorders.

Professional Counseling: American Counseling Association was established in 1952 formerly known as American Association for Counseling and Development, however later the name changed in 1985

Professional counselors work at a much higher level. They deal in serious cases like anxiety, frustration, obsession, depressions, and trauma and provide individual solutions to people. Professional counselors are well trained people with good qualifications and counseling license. They are able to inspire trust, respect and confidence. They have physical and emotional ability to handle array of problems, they address.

Abilities of a good counselor:

He enables the client to draw his own conclusions and choose the right direction to solve the issues. The counselor may challenge the client to invent a behavioral goal to tackle the final objective. In this way the client develops self confidence and his decision making abilities enhance. They feel certain in achieving the specified objective and start to take things more seriously. They counselor is not less then a personality reader, he judges the personality of his client whether introverted or extroverted, e.g. logical or emotional respectively. He then deals with them accordingly. The client after discussing their issues with counselor feels relaxed. The positive attitude of a counselor can breathe life in the soul of his clients. Some counselors do not communicate well and are just a waste of time, instead of releasing tension they enhance it. Creativity should be practiced by counselors to make the new behavior as rewarding as possible. Other strategies that can be implemented include: behavioral logs and contracts, friendly competitions etc.

In short the role of a counselor is to help people understand not only themselves but also the world around them.