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We have to accept the ground reality that as long as disparities in living conditions and struggle and fight for resources and survival are there, there will be an inescapable necessity for a tribe called attorneys. Otherwise, there will be widespread chaos. So, the role of attorneys should go hand in hand with a credible legal system so that societal discipline and crime control can be maintained.

Attorneys are people who can practice law in a jurisdiction and they are authorized to perform criminal and civil legal functions of their clients. There can be a number of functions that may come under the purview of their profession like providing legal counsel, drafting clear and suitable legal documents and appearing and representing clients in courts, administrative bodies and tribunals. An Attorney is also called as attorney at law or lawyer or a counselor at law.

But for practicing as an attorney, one has to pass a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law institution but before obtaining this degree, the individual has to obtain a bachelor's degree.

After practicing for a certain period, the person can get admission in the bars of other jurisdictions also subject to the rules of the other places

If you want to know the history of attorneys, the date of the first attorney is yet to be traced, though it is widely believed attorneys existed even about 1 million to 1.5 million years ago. It is believed that attorneys have a special L1a gene due to which they get this skill.

In those days and even till about 10,000 years ago, attorneys were wandering as small groups seeking clients. When they finally settled down in the Ur Valley, their settling down also led to the invention of writing.

It was in the 1880s, anthropologists could crack the legal contract language for the first time called Rosetta Stone Contract in which the rights of a Sphinx called Stone were transferred for a consideration. This sale angered the then Pharaoh and he started purging the country of all the attorneys. Many attorneys died in the process and many others fled and wandered in the desert, looking for a place to practice law.

Greek and Roman civilizations saw the revival of practicing attorneys. From this period onwards, you have the clear history of attorneys. Hamurabi, the famous attorney, gave the code of law with which attorneys started getting opportunities to handle various cases. The demand for attorneys also started growing.

Pythagoras was a famous Greek attorney. Many attorneys also entered politics. In Rome, many other fields also required attorneys such as you had sports attorneys, admiralty attorneys and international attorneys.

When the population of attorneys grew beyond control, quality deteriorated, resulting in defective legal systems. This led to the Dark Ages when no legal theory was respected. Thankfully, the Dark Ages came to an end in England in 1078.

Blackstone was an advocate and he was considered the Father of legal Latin. Leonardo da Vinci was practicing law and he was multi-talented. After the colonial rule started, England beat Spain and became the leading colonizer. When England sent many of their attorneys to its colonies like America, the grandchildren of these attorneys defeated King George III in the famous King George III v. 100 Bags of Tea 14 F. Supp 34 (Colonial Supreme Court 1783). Because attorneys were sent to the colonies, there was a shortfall of attorneys in England. The new lawyers of the colony of America defeated the British in a legal war that spanned for 7 years and this culminated into creation of the United States. After this, England stopped sending its attorneys to its colonies.

Since many people started becoming attorneys, rules were passed that people had to study in approved law schools. The original model school thus started to give the rules for becoming attorneys is the famous Harvard Law School of today.